Freebear DZ-type

Spring type cutting-machined products. Tray structure special for downward type is used.
The load becomes uniform by means of the spring, preventing uneven load caused by the shape of the conveyance object.
They can be used for positioning or replace the caster.



Model Allowable load Mounting strength Max. strength Main ball Small ball Body Weight
C-6DZ 50kg 490N(50kgf) 686N(70kgf) Steel Steel Steel 322g
C-8DZ 80kg 784N(80kgf) 1,029N(105kgf) Steel Steel Steel 672g
C-12DZ 200kg 1,961N(200kgf) 2,548N(260kgf) Steel Steel Steel 3,130g

(Unit: mm)

Model A B C D E F G H I Data
C-6DZ ∅60 47 ∅31 6 24 56.5 6 2-∅6.5 3/4″ball(∅19.05) DXFPDF
C-8DZ ∅70 55 ∅42 6 33 78 7.5 2-∅6.5 1″ball(∅25.40) DXFPDF
C-12DZ ∅110 94 ∅75 10 46 116 11 4-∅6.5 1½″ball(∅38.10) DXFPDF

*Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for details.
*For materials not contained herein, please contact us.
*The main ball of the stainless steel products contained herein is made of SUS440C. Please consult us for rust prevention purposes.