Freebear HQ type

HQ series is improved type having new features, taper head and an across flats. クリーンルーム クリーンルーム 寸法


Model Allowable load The maximum allowable load Main ball Small ball body Weight A B C D E F G H I j Data Download (DXF/PDF)
C-5HQ 196N (20kgf) 392N (40kgf) Steel Steel Steel 51g Φ24 Φ16 4 3 20.5 10 4.5 21 M6 5/8”ball(Φ15.875) DXFPDF
C-6HQ 490N (50kgf) 980N (100kgf) Steel Steel Steel 117g φ32 Φ19 5 4 26 15 8.5 27 M8 3/4”ball(Φ19.05) DXFPDF
C-8HQ 785N (80kgf) 1,568N (160kgf) Steel Steel Steel 286g φ42 Φ24 6.5 5.2 36 20 8 36 M10 1”ball(Φ25.4) DXFPDF

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