Roller Table – Handle lifting type –

Handle lifting type

By operating the handle, you can move up and down the built-in freebears (or rollers) from the table surface.

Roller Table

*Please contact us in the case of uneven load is applied to.

The fall-preventing guide can be selected from the fixed type or the removable type.

Fixed type Removable type

ローラーテーブル 寸法


Model Load capacity A B C D E  F  G X (Freebear used) Weight Data Download
HRT-6 500kg 600 100Pitch×5=500 275 162.5 300 16 145 φ38×6pcs.×2rows 80kg DXFPDF
HRT-9 500kg 900 100Pitch×8=800 275Pitch×2=550 175 300Pitch×2=600 24 210 φ38×9pcs.×3rows 160kg DXFPDF
*Products with the roller direction 90° changed are also available.