These are the roller type products with the same mounting height as C-8L, C-8L-5. And also suitable for purposes where mounting height needs to be reduced. Rollerbear Rollerbear Rollerbear Rollerbear


Model Allowable load Roller Roller shaft Cover Body Roller seat Weight Data
RC-30 30kg Steel SUS Steel Steel 73g DXFPDF
RP-30 10kg POM SUS Steel Steel 59g DXFPDF
RS-30 30kg SUS SUS SUS Steel
( electroless nickel plating ))
RC-30-5 30kg Steel SUS Steel Steel Steel 125g DXFPDF
RP-30-5 10kg POM SUS Steel Steel Steel 111g DXFPDF

*Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for details. *For materials not contained herein, please contact us. *The main ball of the stainless steel products contained herein is made of SUS440C. Please consult us for rust prevention purposes.