Freebear Table

Freebear Table *Please contact us in the case of uneven load is applied to.

The fall-preventing guide can be selected from the fixed type or the removable type.

Fixed type Removable type
Freebear Table


Model Load capacity A B C D E F G H I J K X (Freebear used) Weight Data Download
FT-6 500kg* 600 600 74 100Pitch×5=500 50 100Pitch×5=500 50 100 21.5 31 8-φ9 C-8Y-SL4 (Qty.:36) 20kg DXFPDF
FT-7 500kg* 700 700 100Pitch×6=600 100Pitch×6=600 C-8Y-SL4 (Qty.:49) 27kg DXFPDF
FT-8 500kg* 800 800 100Pitch×7=700 100Pitch×7=700 150 12-φ9 C-8Y-SL4 (Qty.:64) 34kg DXFPDF
FT-9 500kg* 900 900 100Pitch×8=800 100Pitch×8=800 C-8Y-SL4 (Qty.:81) 41kg DXFPDF
FT-500×800 500kg* 500 800 100Pitch×4=400 50 100Pitch×7=700 50 100 10-φ9 C-8Y-SL4 (Qty.:40) 22kg DXFPDF
FT-600×900 600 900 100Pitch×5=500 100Pitch×8=800 150 10-φ9 C-8Y-SL4 (Qty.:54) 30kg DXFPDF
FT-6-75 500kg* 600 600 75Pitch×7=525 37.5 75Pitch×7=525 37.5 100 8-φ9 C-8Y-SL4 (64) 23kg DXFPDF
FT-9-75 500kg* 900 900 75Pitch×11=825 75Pitch×11=825 150 12-φ9 C-8Y-SL4 (Qty.:144) 51kg DXFPDF
The above are the products with scrap removing function.
FT-5L-6 500kg* 600 600 53.2 50Pitch×11=550 25 50Pitch×11=550 25 100 21.5 10.2 8-φ9 C-5L (Qty.:144) 20kg DXFPDF
FT-5L-9 500kg* 900 900 50Pitch×17=850 50Pitch×17=850 150 12-φ9 C-5L (Qty.:324) 42kg DXFPDF
FT-5L-500×800 500kg* 500 800 50Pitch×9=450 50Pitch×15=750 100 10-φ9 C-5L (Qty.:160) 20kg DXFPDF
FT-5L-600×900 600 900 50Pitch×11=550 50Pitch×17=850 150 10-φ9 C-5L (Qty.:216) 25kg DXFPDF
*Please contact us if the workpiece weighs more than 500kg
*You can choose the stainless steel or resin freebear to mount according to the intended use.